Oxidation Removal

Oxidation can occur on many surfaces because of UV rays and heat. This may cause things to have a chalky residue and/or discoloration to occur. Through the proper process this can be removed to make the surface look like new again. 


Concrete and Stone need to be properly cared for. Without proper care these can fail at a much earlier time causing unnecessary costs of repair or replacement. Thorough cleaning sometimes with removing the previous failed sealer maybe necessary before application of a new sealer. 

Calcium or Efflorence Removal

Have you ever seen stone, bricks, cement that look like they have white staining that can come off on our hand? If so you've seen the unatractive consequences elements cause. Through the proper cleaning this can be removed returning the surface to a like new finish. Followed by a quality sealer the surface can continue to look amazing for years to come. 

Exterior Cleaning

Living in Central New York, we all know how bad the winter months can be on your home.

We don't want the winter to do permanent damage to your home! We will come to your home, evaluate the best pressure and detergents to use, and make sure that your house look good as new when we're done!  


Gutter Brightening

Gutter cleaning is often overlooked. We make sure that your gutters and downspouts are bright and shining when we're done! By cleaning gutters, you are able to save some possible costly repairs in the future!


Roof Cleaning 

Have you ever looked at roof and saw black staining? It is actually very common. Some possible things that you may be seeing is algae, moss, lichen, or rust stains. All of those things can do major damage to your roof, if ignored. We use a Soft Wash system that allows us to make sure that we won't damage your roof, but also allows us to get rid of all that nasty grime! 

Fun Fact: Cleaning your roof could save 10% of your roof's lifetime. In the end, a roof cleaning is cheaper than replacing a roof. 



What is a Soft wash?

A Soft Wash system is a low/no pressure system used to safely remove dirt and grime from roofs, exterior siding, and more!

Wood Restoration 

IMG_1607 (2).jpg




From decks to wooden houses, it is an amazing transformation. Wood restoration not only kills off any algae and grime, but saves the lifetime of your deck.  Make your deck the best party spot on the block! 

Check out some before and after pictures of some of the restoration jobs we have completed; I am positive you will be amazed with the results!


Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning includes sidewalks, concrete surfaces and any solid walkway. It brings discolored sidewalk to look like it was poured yesterday! 


Construction workers, farmers and more! This is for you! Nobody wants dirty equipment. So if you just got done with a job or you just notice how filthy your equipment is from a long days work, call us for a free estimate! Our hot water pressure washer can remove oils, dirt and grime of any sort; so you can have the perfect shine while completing your next days job!

Rust Removal

Rust stain removal on surfaces such as:

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Concrete

  • Pavers

  • Vinyl

  • Asphalt Driveways

  • and More...